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Sam is a conservative outsider with a proven track record of solving difficult problems. As Secretary of State, he will help lead the fight to get government out of our lives and focus on policy priorities that will lead to rising incomes for all Mississippians. Sam grew up in Waynesboro and his roots are deeply connected with small-town values. Sam's father worked in the oil fields while his mother worked in the school lunch room and drove a school bus.

Early in life, Sam learned the value of hard work by working his way through school including as roughneck in the oil field.

Sam knows the importance of a quality education. He graduated from Jones County Junior College before attending the University of Southern Mississippi where he completed a business degree.

After college, Sam worked with his uncle in their pipeline construction business. In the wake of the oil bust of the early 1980's, Sam returned to school and completed a degree in accounting, then began and completed requirements to become a CPA. After working with the offices of the State Auditor and the State Tax Commission, Sam began his own accounting firm.

Along with his thirty years of experience in the financial and accounting sectors, Sam holds certifications in areas of Business Valuation, Valuation Analyst, Financial Forensics, Personal Financial Specialist, and was recognized in 2014 as a Mississippi "Leader in Finance."

Sam is an active member of First United Methodist Church of Laurel where he serves as a Lay Servant and is a member of the Church Council. He has completed several marathons including The Marine Corps Marathon in Washington, D.C., The New York City Marathon, and The San Francisco Marathon, which he completed on his 50th birthday.

Sam understands the ideals of community, of faith, and of service, because they've defined his life.

As our elected Public Service Commissioner Sam has tackled the difficult issues head on and with his outstanding leadership skills, accomplished many tough issues in just one term.

Proven Leadership

Four years ago, Sam saw a signature problem our state was facing with the failures of the Kemper County Power Project. He knew that with his experience in finances, he could help solve this problem. In his one term as Commissioner, he was able to lead the charge to finally put to rest the continual negotiations on the failed Kemper County Project. Sam's efforts saved ratepayers billions of dollars and he didn't allow a corporate bailout. Sam's number one goal was to be fair and transparent, but also protect the ratepayers. He was successful in these efforts.

Why Run?

Sam decided to run for Secretary of State because it is an office that gives him the platform to work on policy issues that help raise incomes for EVERY Mississippian.

Policy areas such as lower taxes and fewer regulations on our businesses. Lower taxes and fewer regulations help create an environment where existing businesses can hire new employees and pay their current employees more money; plus, companies look at Mississippi as a place to come and expand their operations creating new jobs. Our economy is growing right now. Sam will continue the good work and he has a plan to create new growth. Sam is committed to improving the quality of life for every Mississippian and Sam will truly make a difference for Mississippi.

Sam is a conservative outsider and a true fiscal and social conservative. Sam endorsed Pres. Trump early in the '16 GOP primary and plans to be a strong ally he can trust in Mississippi.

Sam is pro-life, pro Second Amendment, for lower taxes and regulations, pro traditional marriage, for decisions to be made on a local level, pro law enforcement and securing our border, against corporate bailouts by the government and for open and fair elections.

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